Business and home

Our services are for everyone from the home user to the business user. We all have the same issues, it's just matter of scale! If you've got any queries then talk to info:MATION. 

Broken computer?

Is your computer broken? Running slowly? Monitor not working? Making funny noises? Has disaster struck? I can diagnose the issue and fix it. If you need new parts info:MATION can arrange a replacements and install it, normally within a couple of days. If you need a temporary PC in the mean time, just let us know, more often than not I can organise one for you.

If the worst has happened and you can't get access to the data on your computer then before you do anything call info:MATION. Quite often I can recover the data for you. Once the data has been recovered I'll rebuild your PC and return it in tip top condition.

PC health check and computer tune up

A computer running slowly can often be tuned to run faster. I can scan and clean your PC of all the programs that install themselves over time and slow things down. info:MATION can install anti-virus software, scan for and remove viruses and malware.

Buying a new computer, laptop, printer or other computer hardware

Talk to info:MATION. I can give you relevant advice on buying new computers or laptops or other hardware. I cut through all the jargon and tell you what you're getting and what you need that suits your budget. Many times when buying a new computer you get an overspec'ed machine that does far more than you need it to – and you pay for it too. If you want a customised machine then I can build it for you too.

Software installation and set-up

info:MATION can advise you on what software you'll need for running your business, purchase it for you and then install and set it up on your computers. Talk to me about your needs there are often cheaper ways to do what you want!


Need your photos, documents or valuable business data backed up? info:MATIO can provide backup solutions, all the way from the simple and easy to the fully automated, off-site stored backup.


If you're looking for training just ask. With my 20+ years experience in the information technology industry I have extensive experience with a multitude of software packages and computer operating systems. Whether you want a one on one session on the basics of using a PC, a customised course or a group session then info:MATION can arrange it. Some of my specialities are :

  • packages like MS Word, Excel or LibreOffice.
  • computer usage – everything from basic introductory lessons to advanced ones
  • databases
  • websites
  • computer programming

Data transfer

At info:MATION I can also move your data between systems for you. Sometimes you also need your data converted from one format or system to another. Talk to me about the myriad of data conversion options we offer.

Network and internet set-up

Want to set up a network or get on the internet? info:MATION can do a site survey to provide you with best options of getting on the internet. You may surprised to learn you have a few different options for getting broadband to your door. Then I can set the whole thing up for you and get all you computers online. I can also set-up business and home networking both wired and wireless.

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