info:MATION now has NAIT information provider accreditation. The information provider accreditation allows info:MATION to manage NAIT data requirements. Tasks such as:

  • registering, changing and deleting animal details on the NAIT system
  • bulk uploading of tag and other data to NAIT
  • assistance with data transfer from readers to NAIT
  • massaging and cleaning your tag data so it can effectively uploaded error free to NAIT
  • correcting NAIT tag data issues

Sometimes tag data can become messy and untidy, coming from an IT background I can focus on getting data accurately into the NAIT system by using the available data tools to clean and tidy up your NAIT data and thereby getting it quickly into the system.

If you would like help managing your NAIT data or you want it taken off your hands completely you can assign info:MATION as your NAIT information provider. Once I'm your assigned information provider I can fulfill all your NAIT obligations for you by managing your tag data - uploading, deleting or changing animal details to name a few.

Scanning of animals

If are planning to move or receive animals then I can come to your farm to scan them and then upload the data to NAIT for you. The cost of doing this is $1.00 per animal plus the hireage of the reader which is currently $30.

See the NAIT website for more information on how an information provider can assist

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