Specialised services

As well as info:MATION's general computer services I can provide a number of more specialised services.


I can help you analyse your data requirements then take them and design the database structure you need to store the data. Then I can install, build and implement it for you and then integrate with your current systems. If you're looking at purchasing one then talk to info:MATION first as there is good selection of industrial strength databases out there for free.

Development and programming

If you've got a need for a customised solution or programming task that needs doing then info:MATION can program it for you. I can also script up and automate some repetitive tasks. Tasks such as a regular upload and downloads to a website or converting data formats to name just a few.

Complete business solutions and systems design

Does your business need email, internet connectivity and perhaps a website. Does it need to share applications amongst a few users?. info:MATION can help you organise your requirements and then translate them in a computing system that does exactly what you want. I can then purchase new hardware or reuse your existing computers, obtain the correct software and then install it to provide you a complete business solution.


Do you need a website or have an existing one that needs updating? See our website services

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